30,000 Londoners Began Marching Against Donald Trump, Brexit, and Racism


Around 30,000 people so far have come out for a March Against Racism in the city of London to express unity against the recent rise in Islamophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism.

Reasons Behind Event

Organizers stated that this demonstration also aims to show support and solidarity with refugees and migrant rights after Brexit and the recent election of President Trump in the US.

Amid their goals of creating an atmosphere portraying “defiance and unity”, the mass amounts of protesters arrived to Portland Place in London midday carrying banners containing messages like “Hands off EU workers”, “Refugees and migrants welcome here” as well as “Stand up to Trump”.

It was one portion of a recent series of demonstrations that have taken place throughout Europe to celebrate the United Nations’ International Anti-Racism Day, seeing cities like Berlin, Athens, Vienna along with UK cities Glasgow and Cardiff taking part.


When speaking to The Independent news outlet, Zakariya Cochrane, the assistant convener working with Stand Up to Racism, the organizers of the London event, stated: “It’s the fourth year that we’ve held this demonstration now for UN anti-racism day, but we think this year is more important than ever.

“We’ve had the election of Donald Trump, with his Muslim ban and the wall with Mexico. We’ve had the EU referendum, where we’ve seen the highest increase in reported hate crime in the country, showing that the scapegoating of migrants gave confidence to racists.

“Just this week, the ruling of the Government winning the victory over the Lords on EU nationals means that our Government are prepared to use EU nationals as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations. There was also the defeat on Dubs.

“So this year is really about anti-racists uniting and going on the defensive on all the issues: child refugees, defending migrants and refugees, the divisive policies of Donald Trump and Theresa May.”

A recently launched campaign called Love Music Hate Racism also brought over a festival float to London’s massive event, that also  hosted DJs and artists throughout the proceedings of the day.