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Sam comes from Edinburgh and grew up with his mother and step-dad. His father left the country when he learnt he was going to be a father. Sam never had the opportunity to see him and still wonders what he looks like. School wasn’t his thing, he would rather spend sometime with his friends, play rugby and chat girls up. Sam used to help his step dad, a plumber, during summertime. After doing it for several years, he realized he could work with his father and hopefully take over the family business when his step-father would retire. Sam spends most of his time off taking care of his mother, training with the local rugby team. Sam doesn’t have any girlfriend at the moment. He is therefore going out every weekends.
A group of paleontologist has reportedly discovered an all-new dinosaur specie that possesses a neck which could have been fifty feet long. Describing the distance of the dinosaur’s shoulder to the ground as six to nine feet, scientists have...
Dropping Of Snapdragon 810 Soc Confirmed During Company's Earnings Call For quite a long time, there was a rumor that Qualcomm was facing some major problems with its new Snapdragon 810 SoC, but all the company was responding with was...
Tracfone Wireless Fined $40 Million To Settle Agency Charges Mobile service providers which have been advertising that they provide “unlimited” data plans to their customers better lookout. The Federal regulators are cracking down on them because it has been seen...
University Of California Come Up With Unique Study Chemists from the University of California have found a way in which they can “unboil” egg whites. If the research is successful then cancer treatment costs, food production and other segments of...
Both the euro and the pound are facing turbulent times amid economic uncertainty. The euro has now suffered its longest losing streak against the dollar since it came into existence in 1999. Political uncertainty around the Eurozone is leading to...


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Celebrities line up to support Michael Bublé and son Noah

X Factor judge Sharon Osborne, who has faced her own cancer battle, has led a wave of celebrity support for Michael Bublé who revealed...