High IQ in children may cause a disease-free and longer life – Study reveals


A recent research proposes that a greater level of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in children lowers the risk of chronic diseases that cause death until 79 years. According to the findings, lifestyle plays a significant role in determining the level of mortality cases with various Intelligence Quotient.

Researchers relate intelligence test scores to death cases

The researchers from the University of Edinburgh has analysed different intelligence test scores recorded at age 11, and the variations in the death cases of both men and women till about 79 years old. During the research, about 32,229 women and 33,536 men were sampled. These men and women were born in Scotland in 1936, and they underwent intelligence test as children (11 years). The result from the intelligence test carried out then was linked to death data that recorded up to December 2015.

The researchers came to the conclusion that a higher level of childhood intelligence plays a significant role with a decreased risk of death until 79 years. According to the result, about 28% of the supposed death risk caused by respiratory disease was reduced due to a high Intelligence Quotient during childhood. Likewise, about 25% mortality risk that comes from coronary heart disease was lowered due to high IQ during childhood. Then again, about 24% possibility of death from stroke reduced due to high IQ in childhood.

Bottom line

The study reports published in The BMJ proposes that childhood IQ has a strong linkage with the risk level of certain diseases and causes of death that lies significantly on some known risk factors.