Iliad puede llevar sus SIM a las tiendas multimarca: he aquí por qué.


El programa de expansión de Iliad en Italia continúa. Tras revolucionar el mercado de la telefonía móvil de nuestro país en pocos años y centrarse en la comodidad y transparencia de su oferta, el operador está aumentando gradualmente su presencia en la región. Después de centrarse inicialmente casi exclusivamente en las ventas en línea, Iliad empecé a construir mi propia red de tiendas, la tienda iliad, Después de eso, llegamos a los puntos de venta de otras empresas, Iliad esquina que Iliad PointEn un futuro próximo, Iliad puede dar otro paso adelante en su programa de crecimiento.De hecho, el operador También puede llevar su SIM a cualquier tienda de telefonía multimarca, para fortalecer su red de ventas y distribución. He aquí los detalles:

Is Iliad Focused on Multi-Brand Stores? The Solution You Need to Overcome Portability Issues and Enter Business Segments

Iliad’s continued growth always brings new challenges. According to new reports of these times, in the near future, Iliad can also bring SIMs to multi-brand phone shops Typically managing sales for multiple operators (both traditional providers and virtual operators) at the same time to increase local penetration, reach all users who don’t want to focus on online activations and close to the Iliad store It makes it possible not to be in

Iliad’s debut in multi-brand stores Overcome number portability issues from other operatorsThis is a particularly hot topic for the market.of New rules established by AGCOMhas been in effect since last November (see link below for details) and has caused quite a few problems (especially with regards to online portability). Therefore, we need to strengthen our sales network to reach as many users as possible who are interested in switching to Iliad.

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Creating additional Iliad stores significantly increases administrative costs. So the decision to bring SIMs to multi-brand stores could be an interesting alternative for Iliad’s future. This choice can be made based on: “region” logic Iliad stores, Iliad corners, and select shops only in areas where Iliad points are insufficient.

There are other factors that favor the potential focus on multi-brand stores. By strengthening its sales network in the region, Iliad will Simplify fiber access for new customers. Iliad plans to enter the fixed telephony market at the beginning of 2022 and continue to grow with a focus on fixed + mobile offers (currently for Iliad Mobile customers, a €9.99 monthly offer offers a €5 discounts available). included in the monthly fee).

Also note that Iliad is trying to create its own. Debut also in the business segment of the market, with dedicated solutions for customers with VAT numbers and SMEs for both mobile and landlines. Again, being able to count on a sales network enhanced by the presence of multi-brand stores can be a significant plus to support the growth of new divisions.

More details about the arrival of Iliad SIM in multi-brand telephony stores are likely to emerge in the coming weeks. Finally, remember that the new Flash 120 2023 can only be activated for a few days. This is the price available to new customers for €7.99 per month for 120 GB plus unlimited time and text messages. For more information, please refer to the following link.

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