Kate Middleton spends time in a women’s prison


The Duchess of Cambridge has met inmates at the notorious women’s prison HMP Eastwood Park.
The day after attending a film premiere for A Street Cat Named Bob, which tells the tale of a cat who gave hope to a homeless drug addict, Kate went to visit women at the jail.
She agreed to the visit as part of a commitment to better understand problems such as addiction, mental health issues and family breakdowns.
The Duchess particularly wanted to find out what support could be offered to help people whose loved ones are in jail.
Her Royal Highness talked to women prisoners to find out what had led to them being in jail and what their hopes were upon their release.
She also went to The Nelson Trust, which works with women who are released from prison and struggling to cope with entering the wider world once more.
This is the second time that Kate has paid a visit to women in jail. She spoke to women at HMP Eastwood Park, in Surrey, last year. The prison is renowned for housing high numbers of female murderers.
There was a media blackout before the visit, and journalists were asked not to report any details of the plans because of concerns over security. Mobile phones and devices were banned.
HMP Eastwood is a closed female prison, with a population of around 280 women inmates.
It has a higher proportion of women who are in jail for life sentences, most of them for murder, than any other female prison in the country.
Former prisoners at the jail include Jane Andrews, the Duchess of York’s former aide, who was convicted of killing her boyfriend in a jealous rage.
Road rage killer Tracie Andrews was also incarcerated there. Andrews became one of Britain’s most infamous female murderers after the vicious killing of her 25-year-old boyfriend Lee Harvey. She pretended that he had been attacked by a road rage motorist, even taking part in a police press conference to ask witnesses to come forward.
The prison has a treatment centre for prisoners who need help with addiction problems.
Kate talked to women about their stories of how they came to be addicts and the part that drugs had played in the crimes they had committed.
None of the prisoners were told who was visiting them until just half an hour before the Duchess arrived.

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