O.J. Simpson Finally Gets Parole


Convicted football star, O.J. Simpson, has been granted parole after spending over eight years in jail robbery.

The parole hearing was televised with skyrocketing as Americans tuned to follow the story that has fascinated the whole world.

The success of his parole ruling for the 70-year former football star after he was convicted of an armed robbery charge that involved two dealers of sports memorabilia in a hotel room in Las Vegas means he could be free from the 1st of October after serving only 9 years of his 33-year sentence.

A Very Short Parole Deliberation

The deliberation on his parole only took 30 minutes before the result of the parole commissioners were announced. The result brought a smile on OJ’s face who looked sober all through the session.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Simpson muttered out while his sister Shirley Baker, who was in the session hugged his daughter Arielle Simpson.

The parole commissioners stated that their result was influenced by the fact that he didn’t have any previous convictions, the low risk of him engaging in another crime, his support to his community and the plans he had for his proposed reason.

Simpson was accompanied to court by his attorney Malcolm LaVergne, a caseworker in prison Marc La Fleur, his close friend Tom Scotto, Baker and his daughter Arnelle Simpson.

Simpson gave a statement via a video conference

“I spent nine years and I have not made any excuse for anything that I have done in my life. I don’t want to go back to a life a crime. I just want to get back to my family and friends.”