Severe Weather in Southeast Leaves 19 Dead


A vast storm system that hit the Southeast with tornadoes has destroyed mobile homes and has left the region with 19 dead.

The Southeast was hit with a violent storm system that shredded mobile homes, downed trees, causing severe damage from Mississippi to Georgia and leaving 19 dead.

Death Reports

At least 14 deaths were reported in Georgia throughout the day. One deadly tornado was reported before dawn, and violent storms still continued after nightfall. Four other deaths were reported in Mississippi on Saturday.

Comments from Residents of the Region

In southwest Georgia, Bridget Simmons and her parents, daughter and grandon were in their home when the storm struck.

“I was in the den and I heard that loud roar and I grabbed the baby and I said, ‘Let’s go guys. This is it.’ We laid down and that was it.” She also said the wind was pretty loud that “you could hear it beating back and forth.”

“There are houses just demolished,” said Norma Ford, a resident in the southwestern Georgia city of Albany, with a population of around 76,000 people. Norma said that the storm had overturned her nephew’s mobile home.

She also said that roads were impassable due to downed trees and power lines. This then forced them to walk 2 miles to the mobile home park to check that her relatives were okay.

She said that her nephew was okay, but several of his neighbor’s mobile homes were destroyed.

Jenny Bullard, a 19-year-old resident said that she and her parents are thankful to have escaped without major injury.

“The hall wall came in on me and I fell down. And our backdoor came through and fell in on me. And I heard my dad calling my name …There was a bunch of stuff on top of him and I just started throwing everything I could until I got to him,” she said.

“The first thing I wanted to do was get all the pictures,” she said. Across the street, where the Bullards kept farm equipment in sheds, one shed was blown in amid twisted metal. Two grain silos were blown over.

“It’s a horrible tragedy. But all this stuff can be replaced,” she said. “We can’t replace each other. We’re extremely lucky. My dad is lucky to be alive.”