Six Day Walkout to be Initiated by Cabin Crew of British Airways


Due to an increasing battle regarding pay, the cabin crew of British Airways have stated they will initiate a walkout for six days during the beginning of February.

Over 2,900 members are said to participate in the walk outs, who stated that as of February 5th, they will stage a three day walkout, and again on February 9th.

The 2,900 members are from the mixed fleet division who are younger and receive a much lower pay than other members of BA.

The strikes that were carried out by BA cabin crew in the month of January had led to the agency cancelling several of their scheduled flights.

It’ll Take More Than That

However, the airline agency stated that the real extent of damage to their passengers was quite trivial, as they still flew towards their destinations through alternative means.

BA had also rented out several of their planes along with crew members from Titan airways in order to still carry out several additional flights on their behalf.

Representatives from the Union from the mixed fleet division have stated that it is imperative that BA holds more talks in order to prevent further action in the future.

What They Want

A letter was sent by the mixed fleet division in which they wrote to BA and told them they are stubbornly reluctant to give them a more convenient salary that would suit their needs.

The letter then added that the fact that BA even spends several million British pounds in order to dissolve the strikes put forth by them would suggest that indeed they have an abundance in money.

It then adds that noting that, this means the entire ordeal really comes down to a matter of ideology at the end.

The letter ends with the Union urging the BA to be aware that another path can easily be taken by them.