Tom Cruise feels “betrayed” Katie Holmes and the secret relationship of Jamie Foxx


    We have breached code bro! Tom Cruise, 55 and Jamie Foxx, 49, were once Pals, when Megastar recruited an actor to play with him in the Collateral action movie in 2004. They remained friendly until Annie Star started Katie Holmes, 38, just one year after Tom took so dramatically in 2012. Four years later, Holmes and Foxx finally got their love out in the open, but the mission.

    The impossible star realized that it was a few moments and that he was not thrilled that his friend would date his ex-wife

    “Katie and Jamie did everything they could to make things secret, and Tom was very well connected and found shortly after his love,” a source close to him Tom says EXCLUSIVE.

    “Tom is offended and upset that Katie comes from suits that he once considered as a close friend, he feels he has released them,” adds our initiator. Katie was thus separated from Tom and Scientology’s church and served with divorce papers in June 2012 when she was in the movie on Iceland. While she and her daughter Suri, now 11 years old, spent months in New York, Katie began attending other social events in 2013, and in August of that year she met Jamie in Hamptons.

    There were rumours that the two had secretly settled for four years, apparently out of respect for Tom, not publishing their relationship and endeavouring to never be photographed together. But now, more than five years since she applied for divorce, the couples seemed less careful about keeping the public eye romance.