Upgrading your OS from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro, and vice versa


For most computer users, the new Windows 10 S doesn’t have it great; perhaps it cannot commensurate with the former Windows 10 versions. The reason behind this is not far-fetched, the new Windows 10S can only load and run Windows Store apps, and this might be quite a hassle for some users.

Here’s it, you can upgrade your laptop’s Operating System (OS) to the Windows 10 Pro version currently – a free upgrade is available for Windows 10 S devices that worth %799 and above till the end of the year. However, if you don’t meet the criteria, you’ll have to pay $49 to step up your OS to the Windows 10.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 S

Navigate to the start button and select settings, click on Update & Security. After that, click on the Activation tab, and follow the ‘Go to Store.’ You’ll be redirected to a switch page where you have to select Install for the upgrading process to begin. How to step down to windows 10 S from Windows 10 Pro.

Previously, it was impossible to go to Windows 10 S once you’re into Windows 10 Pro, but Microsoft had to manufacture a disk image that users can download. Consequently, if you’re fed up with Windows 10 Pro, you can switch to Windows 10 S by following the procedure below.

Be sure of your Surface Laptop’s serial digits before you download the disk image as it would be needed. Get ready a USB thumb drive, download the file and have it installed on the drive. It’s advisable to opt for an empty USB drive for this process as the files in the USB gets deleted during this process.

After the installation, turn off the laptop and have it plugged in a power source, so the installation doesn’t get interrupted by power loss. Hold the volume down button and intermittently click and release the power button.

Leave the volume down button once the surface logo shows up

Allow the system to turn on completely, navigate to Troubleshoot and click on recover, skip the drive and select the OS installed on the computer currently. You can choose ‘Fully clean the drive’ or ‘Remove my files,’ and then recover. The Windows 10 S installation will commence automatically from the USB drive.

It’s necessary to note that Windows 10 Pro is probably a better OS than the 10 S counterparts, so downgrading to Windows 10 S may appear to be a tedious procedure, and may not be the right step.