Woman Stabbed And Killed in East London, Police Launch Full Man Hunt Into ‘Violent’ Boyfriend


Police launched a full-blown manhunt for an ex-boyfriend of Karola Chiwluk, 20, who was stabbed to death on Thursday in eastern London.

Chiwluk was killed in Mile End around 11 pm on last Thursday evening.

What Happened?

She was visiting her ex-boyfriend’s home when an argument erupted between her and Grzesiek Kosiec, 23, said Scotland Yard.

A different woman, 42, and man, 24, both of who lived in the house as well, tried to step in and protect the young woman, leaving them also injured.

Chwiluk, who has not yet been formally identified, had been pronounced dead on the scene.

The suspect escaped the scene prior to the police arriving.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Jones of the Homicide and Major Command unit urged those who are aware of the whereabouts of Kosiec are to phone 999 immediately. They also made sure to warn member in the public of how “he is violent”.

Appeal for Help

He stated: “I would like to speak to Kosiec about the murder of Karolina. He was last seen at the house where she and two others who were trying to protect her were stabbed.

“It may be that friends of Kosiec who do not realize what has happened are giving him a place to stay, or other help. If that is the case, I’d urge them to get in contact with us as soon as possible.”

“If you see Kosiec, or have information about where he may be, please contact us. He is known to work in south London and to have links to Tottenham.”

“Given what took place at Dora Street that night, I have every reason to believe that he is violent, and so would ask anyone who sees him to call police immediately.”

The suspect is from Poland, and is described as skinny, as well as 5ft 10ins tall.

He is a brunette and was last seen with jogging pants and a darker top.