100-year-old must go to court Germany to investigate Nazi prison guards over 3,518 murders

The 100-year-old must go to court – the BBC reports that German prosecutors have confirmed the 100-year-old accused, a former Nazi concentration camp guard. Sachsenhausen near berlin capital city of germany go to court Cases involving the murder of 3,518 prisoners, 1942-1945 (1942-1945)

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The unnamed accused Charged with involvement in the execution of a concentration camp prisoner by shooting and fumigating with poison gas.

100-year-old must go to court

Camp Sachsenhausen

The Welt am Sontak newspaper was the first to report the prosecution’s confirmation. On Monday, Aug. 2, that the accused, although old But passed a physical examination that he was in good health enough to stand trial in October of this year. by allowing time to appear in court for 2 and a half hours a day

A lawyer, Thomas Walther, said many of the complainants, the same age as the accused, wanted justice.

While the German media reported that The opening of the Nazi-era crime tribunal would be the last one, as the survivors and perpetrators are already very old.

Carry a 100-year-old former Nazi prison guard

Prisoners at Sachsenhausen Camp

for Nazi concentration camps Sachsenhausen Used to imprison over 200,000 Jews from 1936-1945. Was a victim that was swept by the SS of the Nazis.

The Sachsenhausen Museum stated that in the number of these prisoners Tens of thousands of people die of hunger, sickness, and overwork. operation of extermination to other reasons

Former Nazi camp workers are gradually being prosecuted. After an example in 2011 in which John Demyanuk was found guilty of mass murdering a Jew. Before this defendant died during the appeal of the case.

100-year-old must go to court

Camp Sachsenhausen

Although suspects in Nazi crimes are dwindling, prosecutors continue to bring investigators to court to pay for their crimes.

For example, in July 2020, a 93-year-old former prison guard was convicted of participating in the murder of more than 5,000 inmates. Prosecutors said a 96-year-old former prison guard was not strong enough to stand trial.


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