101-Year-Old British Man Gets Life in Prison


Ralph Clarke, a British man, now 101 years old, has this week been charged with sexual offences he had committed in 1974 till 1983.

Clarke’s sexual offences were related to sexually abusing youngsters, including two girls and one boy.

Clarke was previously a lorry driver, and he has been found guilty for over 21 counts of sexual abuse towards three young children.

According to Claire Nicholls, the prosecutor, she stated that Clarke had taken advantage of these children by instilling fear and extorting them.

Nicholls added that Clarke had manipulated the children, exploiting the fact that they were young, and had escaped any type of allegations for over four decades until now.

His victims spoke up decades later and identified their assaulter.

The Charges

Clarke confessed to having sexually assaulted the youngsters at the premises of his home, including the cabin situated in his garden, along with committing the acts in his lorry as well.

The old man confessed to nine of the allegations brought up against him by the young boy he had abused, and it took 48 hours for a final ruling to be stated.

No Exceptions for Sexual Abuse

IN the UK there are no laws that set a specific limit of sentencing when it comes to cases of sexual abuse. Judge Richard Bond said he was considering a two digit sentence for Clarke, regardless of his old age.

Bond remarked on the case by saying that if Clarke was not to be tried or sentenced, there would result an inevitable and shocking public outcry about the case. The judge stated that Clarke will remain incarcerated until a final sentence is to be announced for his crimes in the past by Monday.

Darron Whitehead, from the defence counsel requested to Bond to take into consideration of Clarke’s old age and state of health as the final sentence is given, and added that Clarke is highly likely to spend the rest of his life in prison anyhow.