40 corpses buried in Myanmar forest Villagers meet after troops clash with soldiers – news

40 bodies buried in the Myanmar forest – CNN reports on the situation of confrontation in Myanmar According to the UN special envoy, villagers in Kani, Sagaing or Sagaing region, central of the country At least 40 bodies have been found in the forest in recent weeks. The appearance of the corpse indicates that it was tortured before death.

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The body was found as a fighting site between the armed forces and the official soldiers. Since the Feb 1 coup, people have been killed by police soldiers in autumn leaves. Villagers therefore set up armed forces to fight. The Sagaing region has been a battlefield between soldiers and armed forces for a long time.

40 corpses buried in Myanmar forest


The Myanmar military journal, on July 30, described security forces being attacked by a group of 100 terrorists with minimal weapons near the village of Si Pindwin, Khany. Nine police officers found and seized firearms. Rifles, mines, and grenades.

Of the 40 bodies found, scattered throughout the city of Khani, a letter sent to Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, Jor Mo Thun, said. Appointed by Suu Kyi’s government, there were three incidents of clashes during July in Khani.

40 corpses buried in Myanmar forest

Ambassador Kyaw Mo Thun also said the nature of the incident was clearly a crime against humanity. and called on the UN Security Council including the world community Ban the transportation of arms to the Burma Army.

“To this day, there is no sign that The slaughter will subside. Instead, there are killings and arrests made by the soldiers. We call for immediate humanitarian intervention from the international community. Before it’s too late,” Ambassador Jor Mo Tun said.

On the same day, the New York Attorney’s Office At a press conference, the arrests of Pyo Hen Tut, 28, and Ye Hen Kyaw, 20, for plotting to attack the ambassador, Jomo Thun, and escalate violence. The indictment carries the maximum penalty of five years in prison.


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