45 people including doctors and nurses are arrested in human organ trade investigation


Forty-five doctors, nurses, middlemen and organ buyers have been arrested for allegedly trading in human organs. Egypt’s health ministry says it has discovered an illicit trade in body parts in which migrants are selling their organs.

The body parts are then heading for Europe following the human harvest. A total of 45 people have now been arrested. Reports suggest that people profiting rom the trade in human organs were targeting African migrants who were trying to get together enough money to pay for boat passage to Europe.

Authorities say they have also discovered millions of dollars after carrying out a dawn raid as part of the investigation. The health ministry says this is the biggest organ trafficking network ever to be found operating in Egypt.


Those accused are accused ot taking advantage of migrants as well as taking advantage of patients so desperate for organs that they are willing to pay huge sums for them.

A statement from the ministry said: “The accused who were arrested exploited the economic situation of some Egyptians and the suffering of some patients and their need for treatment to take large financial sums from them, thus breaking the law.”

The probe centered around a number of private hospitals and health centres, some of which were licensed and some of which weren’t. Transplants and organ harvesting was carried out across several centres.

Premises alleged to have been involved have now been shut down by anti corruption officials at the Health Ministry and Administrative Control Authority. Meanwhile, the medics involved have been suspended from their duties.

It is understood that some doctors arrested were working at some of the biggest medical centres in the country, including at the faculties of Cairo and Ain Shams universities. No further details about the amount of money found or the number of organ harvests which took place have been given.



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