46-year-old Ray Lockhart Killed in Electrical Accident in Sullivan County


An electrical accident in northern Sullivan County has electrocuted and killed one person, identified as 46-year-old Ray Lockhart. The accident happened as workers were repairing a downed power line in the area.

Sullivan Country Sheriff Clark Cottom has confirmed the death to have happened at around 3:30pm. It happened while a WIN Energy work crew was repairing a downed power line in Country Road 1000 North near Farmersburg, according to a WIN Energy Spokesperson.


“We don’t believe this was anything other than an unfortunate work-related accident,” Cottom said. There had already been some power outage in the area, which is why WIN workers were there working on the line.

After the accident, power was interrupted for more customers in order to ensure safety during the investigation of the incident. The power will be restored once the investigation is complete.

According to WIN Energy’s website, 43 customers had reported to have no power, impacting areas including WTWO and WAWV.


According to the police, the line that had caused the electrocution wasn’t supposed to have power running in it.

When the utility worker, picked it up, it electrocuted him. He was identified to be 46-year-old Ray Lockhart of Linton. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am in order to further investigate the details of his death.

There have been no further details of the accident reported. However, Cottom said that additional information would be released to the public once the investigation has progressed.

The last electrocution accident that happened in Sullivan County was in 2012, where 21-year-old Nathan McCandless of Butler had died while collecting wildlife data.

The police had said the metal equipment McCandless was using had accidentally came in contact with a power line, which led to his electrocution