6 dead, 1 German chemical plant explosion still missing

The death toll rose to six – August 4, AFP reported on the progress of an explosion at the incineration area of ​​the chemical industrial park Chempark in Leverkusen. north of cologne or the city of Köln in western Germany on July 27, with the total number of wounded 31 people.

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Oliver Berg/dpa via AP

The death toll has risen to six after the latest body was found beneath the rubble, and one more remains missing and is thought to be dead. The cause of the explosion is unclear. Prosecutors in Cologne opened an investigation into people involved in the incident. Suspected of involuntary killing and negligent bombing.

The explosion caused black smoke to rise in the sky. The explosion erupted several kilometers. until the windows of nearby houses trembled. It took firefighters several hours to control the flames. Residents were told to stay indoors and close their windows all day to prevent the release of dangerous gases.

Oliver Berg/dpa via AP

Residents’ health last friday Public health officials announced a preliminary investigation indicated that There was no danger of such an explosion. While Dr. Ulrich Kwass of the Department of Environment in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia Identify early soot particles test results. “No critical dioxins. or other toxic substances.”

Further analysis is currently underway, however, authorities are also advising residents not to eat fruit or vegetables from their own gardens. All affected people work at this chemical industrial park.

The bomb site was not far from Shempark’s main chemical industrial park. It houses a number of companies, including Bayer, LANXESS and Evonik Industries.

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