84-year-old German hoards Nazi armory Both tanks and cannons Court orders sale to museum

84-year-old German hoards Nazi armory Both tanks and cannons The court ordered the sale to the museum.

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84 GERMAN HOLDS A NAZI ARMS – On Aug. 4, National News reports progress on a case of an 84-year-old German who accumulated massive amounts of weapons used in the Nazi German army for more than 30 years, recently sentenced to prison. Imprisonment of 14 months, but suspended, with a fine of 50,000 euros, or almost 2 million baht.

The man only knew his name. Mr Klaus-Dieter F pleads guilty. that violates the arms control law And agreed to donate 2 hundred thousand euros, or about 7.8 million baht, to the Foundation for the benefit of the public in exchange for parole from the court.

Klaus-Dieter F (Picture-AP)

The weapons that Klaus-Deter F had in his collection were found from the Panther tank (model 1943), 88 mm caliber antiaircraft artillery, and U-boat torpedoes. A self-propelled grenade launcher (mortar), 70 automatic assault rifles with more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition, is tucked away in a basement at a home in the Heikendorf district of Plon, Schleswig-Hood. Lestein

Mr. Klaus-Dieter F. Occupation is a pensioner. in good standing will be assisted to set up a foundation to raise money to pay the fines After the judge refused a request from the prosecutor to seize the collection. But the judge ordered the defendants to sell the collection to museums and collectors within two years.

The report stated that Museum in Seattle, Washington, USA In the process of negotiating to buy a Panther tank. While many German collectors expressed interest in purchasing other weapons. including the aforementioned AA guns

Prosecutors also said The police found many Nazi party symbols, such as the swastika. SS unit mark (Schutzstaff) and a model in the uniform of an officer of the Nazi army But the case was not mentioned in court. And the court did not inquire about the defendant’s political ideas.

German law prohibits any person from displaying the symbol. or marks of the Nazi Party of Germany in public places but can be exhibited in the museum

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