Legislation set to be pushed through Parliament after Theresa May’s Supreme Court defeat on Brexit


Legislation is set to be introduced within the next few days in a bid to make sure that Prime Minister Theresa May can keep to her planned timetable of leaving the EU. The Prime Minister was defeated in a Supreme Court battle, which means that she cannot now trigger Article 50 to begin divorce proceedings without giving MPs a vote.

Judges at the Supreme Court voted by a majority of eight to three to reject Government plans to use prerogative powers to trigger Article 50. The court has now told Mrs May that she will have to get the consent of Parliament first.

However, Brexit Secretary David Davis has insisted that the ruling will not stop Mrs May from invoking Article 50 by the end of March. Mr Davis said that legislation is now set to be pushed forward to ensure that the decision made by British voters can be put into action.

No turning back

Mr David told MPs that there was no turning back from the decision to leave Europe, adding: “The point of no return was passed on June 23 last year.” His comments come after the court ruling, which was passed down by Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger, who said: “The issues in these proceedings have nothing to do with whether the UK should exit from the EU, or the terms or timetable for that exit.”

The court decided that Mrs May needed the approval of Parliament because leaving the EU will lead to “fundamental” changes to Britain’s laws. So far, there has been no date put forward for the bill on Article 50 to go through the Commons and Lords. However, it is understood that four versions of the bill had already been prepared in advance of the Supreme Court ruling, and that one of these will be tweaked and pushed through within the next few days.

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