911 Recording Of Ohio Family Murder Released On Monday


A 911 recording was released by Ohio police on Monday after a family of two college students and their mother were killed in their home.

The Victims

North Royalton police identified the victims, who were Taylor Pifer, 21, Kylie Pifer, 18, and their mother Suzanne Taylor, 45. They were found Sunday night.

The mother’s boyfriend Scott Plymale was quick to 911 after the older daughter’s boyfriend Dale Koster was shocked to see the bodies, WOIO-TV reported.

“They didn’t answer the door and he picked the lock and went in.” Plymale says during 911 recording obtained by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He said the bedroom door is closed and he opens the bedroom and he says there is dead body in here.”

Plymale then tells the 911 dispatcher, stating that Koster called him earlier and was worried and confused as he found all the cars were there and all the doors were locked and he didn’t hear the dog.

“(Saturday) I dropped off flowers and it was kind of the same thing.” Plymale says, according to the recording. “I didn’t hear the dog and all the cars were there.”

The stepmother of the Pifer sisters told WOIO that Kylie was a Bowling Green College student and Taylor was a Kent State University student.

Fatally Stabbed Or Shot?

According to Fox 8, the police found one of the victims stabbed. However, injuries of the other victims have not been identified yet.

At first, the police revealed that they were fatally shot.

Moreover, the motive for the murder was unrevealed and Fox 8 reported there were no suspects.

North Royalton Det. Dave Loeding told WOIO that evidence found at the scene of the crime was sent to the lab.

“Let police work take its course.” he said. “I know people need answers. I’d like to give you answers.”