A 64-Year-Old Spanish Woman Gave Birth To Healthy Twins


A woman from Burgos, Northern Spain gave birth to two healthy children at 64 years old.

The pair of twins — one boy and one girl — had to be delivered via caesarean section at the Recoletas Hospital.

Previously in 2011, this same woman, who is being identified as MIA, had given birth to a girl at 58 years old, but was taken by the local social services due to welfare concerns.

The social workers discovered that the baby had been raised with poor hygiene as well as isolated conditions, according to a report by CBS News citing the Spanish publication Diario de Burgos.

Healthy Delivery 

According to Recoletas Hospital’s medical team, the twin new-borns, are currently portraying perfect health.

“This is an exceptional case not only in Castile and Leon, but also in Spain, being one of the few women who, after overcoming the barrier of 58 years, has managed to bring the twin pregnancy to term,” they stated.

The patient had gone through a process called in-vitro fertilization, which is a treatment to assist in reproduction, in the U.S., then went back to her home country of Spain, chosing to deliver in a private hospital, where she also had her previous, and first, child.

The planned C-section, which often is necessary in certain cases, had been carried out by a team of pediatricians, gynecologists, nurses, and midwives.

Since 2014, MIA’s first child was in the custody of local authorities due to her inability to properly care for her, or provide the required schooling.

The hospital was confirmed to have already spoken to social services in regards to the woman’s ability to care for the new born twins, as stated on Wednesday.

No Records Broken In This Case

While it is somewhat rare, it isn’t entirely unusual for older women to give birth. MIA’s recent delivery did not proceed to break any records.