A bomb kills the Black Hawk pilot. Under the Afghan army – the Taliban fired the 7th body – fresh news

Bomb kills Black Hawk pilot – Reuters reports that Taliban forces have declared themselves behind the killing. air force pilot Afghanistan with a bomb tied to a vehicle in central Kabul causing the pilot to die at the and 5 citizens were injured by crossfires

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The victim, known as Hamidullah Azimi, was a pilot trained to fly a U.S. Black Hawk UH60 helicopter. and been affiliated with the Afghan Air Force for 4 years

A bomb kills the Black Hawk pilot.

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Abdul Fatah Echakzai, the pilot’s agency head, said Asimi had moved his family to the capital Kabul last year. after being threatened with security

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group had killed Asimi himself. According to plans to wipe out US-trained Afghan pilots. The Taliban have killed seven people, including Mr Asimi.


US and Afghan officials believe Clearance of pilots trained with the US And the North Atlantic Treaty Defense Forces, or NATO, said the Taliban aimed to destroy the enemy air. Because the Taliban does not have an Air Force. can only fight on the ground while trying to invade the country Since May

FILE PHOTO: Damaged cars are seen at the site of a night-time car bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan August 4, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

Most recently, the Taliban claimed that Capture the second capital city or the provincial capital within 2 consecutive days at Cheburgan Chaozhou Province northern Afghanistan After the city of Sarang capital city of the southern province of Nimroz


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The Taliban captured the first major city easily, with no Afghan soldiers to fight with.

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