A herd of wandering elephants near home The most excited cheering team Walking the bridge over the Yunnan River – Live news

Wandering elephant herd close to home – The AP and Xinhua reported that the herd of wild elephants became famous worldwide from years of long voyages. After abandoning the Tai People’s Autonomous Region Forest, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, south to north, they were now close to returning to their home. Among the many people who have been following for a long time

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Local officials deliver trucks. Workers and drones monitored the journey of 14 elephants and cleared roads for the herd to pass safely.

On Sunday night, Aug. 9, around 8 p.m., the herd of elephants, small and large, crossed the Yuanjiang River in Yunnan and passed through a path that opened up a path back to a national park in the Tai People’s Autonomous Region. Xishuangbanna

A herd of wandering elephants near home

A herd of wandering elephants cross a river using a highway near Yuxi city, Yuanjiang county in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province Sunday, Aug. 8, 2021. (Yunnan Provincial Command Center for the Safety and Monitoring of North Migrating Asian Elephants via AP)

Because of that time, the water level rose during the rainy season. The staff needed assistance to allow them to cross the river. and enhanced security surveillance as they returned home.

No one knows exactly why the elephant left the forest for 17 months and traveled more than 500 kilometers upwards.


During the elephant walk to the outskirts of Kunming capital city of Yunnan Province The monitoring team used food to lure the elephants into the community and approaching Kunming. which the herd of elephants went well No animals or people were injured.

Later, a male elephant strayed from the herd. Officers fired an anesthetic and sent it back to the national park before anyone else.

Others return on their own. Until Sunday night, he still roamed in Yuanjiang City. It is about 200 kilometers from the national park.

A herd of wandering elephants near home

The 14 elephants of various sizes and ages were guided across the Yuanjiang river in Yunnan province on Sunday night. (Yunnan Provincial Command Center for the Safety and Monitoring of North Migrating Asian Elephants via AP)

until when the herd of elephants walked over the bridge over the river National Forest and Grassland Administration officials say the elephants are in their proper habitat. Local government officials said the herd was doing well. The team will continue to work to return the elephants to the wild soon.

Asian wild elephant It is the main species of elephant in the rainforest. China’s rank of the most protected species, or A-level, has boosted Yunnan’s elephant population to 300, but its natural habitat has been dwindling due to human invasion of farming and urbanization. more and more


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