A mother shows off her daughter who looked like she was ‘frozen’ after drinking. from strangers

A teenage girl went to a club for the first time after turning 18. She didn’t realize she was handed a ‘glass of liquor’ to her after a while she was unable to walk or talk.

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Millie Taplin, 18, asked Claire Taplin for her first nightclub outing with friends after she turned 18 when she went to a club called Moo. Moo in South End in England before a man walked up to her Hand him a glass of liquor and say ‘try it’.

But soon after, she was taken to the emergency room. Doctors suspected she might have been given two drugs. “One of which will paralyze you. and the other left her unconscious,” said mother Claire. She also shared a video showing Miley’s condition while in the hospital.

Millie can be seen writhing on the bed, eyes wide open, jaw stiff, and her fingers clawed. until it seemed like she was frozen. Claire hopes the clip will serve as a reminder and help protect young women from malicious people.

The mother told The Mirror that “It’s really worrisome if this saves a woman’s life. It’s worth it alone I’m going to share this story,” and said it was scary back then. She kept thinking ‘What did they give you?’ because she had never seen anything like it in her life. “She was completely frozen. Her hands are like claws.”

And after Millie’s symptoms improved, she said: The whole time she was frozen, she felt everything but couldn’t control herself. which after she took a sip of that drink Two or three times, she stopped because she didn’t like it and it was too strong.

After 5 to 10 minutes, she began to feel sick. body heat So I walked outside. because I think it will be better But soon after, she was unable to speak or walk. and began to lose control of his own legs and hands. So her friend called Millie’s sister.

before taking her to the car and driving her to the emergency room immediately. where she froze in such condition for up to 4 hours, the mother of Millie has gone to report the story that happened to her daughter And the police are investigating the matter. with the cooperation of the club

From the story that happened to Millie, it became another reminder that We should not accept or eat from strangers. because we cannot know whether the giver has good intentions or bad intentions The club’s public relations department also spoke about the incident. “We ask all customers who come to the restaurant to order a drink. So don’t leave the glass unattended.”

source: mirror

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