a teacher suspended for refusing to wear a mask

A French-language teacher has been suspended from her job for a week, because of her categorical refusal to wear the protective mask against the new coronavirus, in class during her lessons.

The Sonia Delauney college, commune of Gouvieux in the Oise, took this decision, to say the least unprecedented, against the teacher Anne-Claire Rossignol because she refused to continue wearing the protective mask for her classes, knowing however that she did benefit from the vaccine against covid-19.

This French teacher commented on her suspension as a precaution, claiming her refusal and evoking educational reasons, in a video via her Youtube channel. So she wrote: “Students need affectivity and that’s what I try to bring to them in class. Impossible thing when you wear a mask. I would like my schoolchildren to see me, it is a primary need because it is impossible to communicate and ensure efficient teaching with the wearing of a mask ”.

Just as it considers that the mask is “harmful” and complicates, even compromises, the learning of the pupils. The teaching profession should be recognized as exempt from wearing a mask, like what is allowed for television presenters and lawyers, for example, underlined Anne-Claire Rossignol.

Aged 45, the French teacher had already reported the reasons given for the non-wearing of the mask in class, by emails last October, to the address of the national Minister of Education and the rectorate, in particular , but without having received a response, according to him.

And on Monday, November 8, she taught her course without wearing a mask, which earned her this one-week suspension, decided by the management of the Sonia-Delauney college in Gouvieux. Suspension of which she warned her college students, who were not aware, via a video recording.

Larbi Alaoui

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