A tourist ‘key’ stuck in his throat, runs to ask for help. Finally got kicked before dying

On August 10, the Daily Mail reported the tragic death of a Dutch tourist. who traveled to Spain with family before his life ended sadly. because of incomprehensible communication

The tourist is known to have found a 37-year-old man who accidentally swallowed his car keys while on vacation in Barcelona. He entered a shopping center in the Sarria-Sant Gervasi area to ask for help.

Instead, he was fired by security guards. Just because they didn’t understand what this man was saying. before he collapsed outside the shopping center. and security personnel initially tried to save his life. Before the paramedics arrived and found the car keys stuck in his throat.

Doctors tried to remove the car keys from his throat. and try to stabilize his condition and took him to St. Pua Hospital. But soon after, he finally died on August 5th.

Security officials said the man entered the shopping center in the morning and showed a flustered expression. panic and panic It’s unclear whether people in the area didn’t understand him because he spoke Dutch. or because he could not speak because he had swallowed the car keys.

Dutch tourist chokes to death while swallowing car keys in Spain  Because villagers in a shopping center in Sarria-Saint Jevasi (pictured) couldn't understand while asking for help.

The officer then walked in to see the man. and asked him to leave because he caused a disturbance But this man refused. before following the aforementioned tragedy

However, initially it was not known why and how he swallowed the car keys. The case will be handled by Barcelona police. And the authorities are supporting his family. and inform the Dutch Consulate and the Barcelona City Council about the incident.

A 37-year-old unidentified man accidentally swallowed a car key while on a family trip to Barcelona.

source: dailymail

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