A young man, claiming to be a wealthy house, caught an air conditioner in the chest and punched an employee in the face. He was finally tied to a chair.

Yesterday (August 3) Independent It was reported that one of the passengers on the Frontier Airlines flight was taped to his chair. After he molested a young receptionist and physically assault a male receptionist They shouted with foul language and walked around the plane.

The troubled passenger, named Maxwell Berry, a 22-year-old from Norwalk, Ohio, USA, was detained as soon as his flight arrived from Philadelphia. and landed in Miami on Saturday.

Airline exec reacts to duct-taping of unruly passenger on Miami flight

The report states that Berry drank two drinks on the plane. and rubbing an empty glass on the back of the female employee Before he spilled the third drink on himself, he went to the bathroom and came out shirtless. After that, he was helped by a female employee to pick up a new shirt. inside his bag

But Berry didn’t stop behaving badly. He walked around the plane for about 15 minutes and took the opportunity to grab the breasts of several female flight attendants. causing the male employee to walk in to stop and take care of the berry instead of the female employee Instead, he was seriously punched by a berry in the face.

Frontier Airlines passenger taped to seat, arrested after altercation

Berry was later captured by other passengers on the plane. Before using the seat belt along with adhesive tape to tie him to the seat and put tape over his mouth in his seat for the remainder of the distance. before he was finally captured after the plane landed.

In a video clip published online, it was seen that other passengers were shocked by Mr Berry’s actions. because he was angry rude shouting and also boasted that his own house was very rich. Ignoring other people’s eyes on the machine

Frontier Airlines passenger Maxwell Berry is DUCT-TAPED to his seat after 'groping and punching flight attendants'

According to the story, Berry was charged with three crimes, including sexual harassment and assault. before being temporarily released After depositing an insurance amount of $1,500, or about 50,000 baht, a spokesman for Frontier Airlines has come out to clarify that. The crew on the plane will be suspended until an investigation into the incident is complete.

Unruly passenger duct-taped to seat after attacking flight attendants.  |  KFI AM 640

However, this isn’t the first time a passenger has been on a plane and has been tied up by staff. Last month, a female passenger was also taped to her seat after she tried to open the plane’s door during the flight.

Video shows woman duct-taped to seat after trying to open airplane door on American Airlines flight

source: independent / nytimes

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