Abandoned Baby Dumped Like Trash, in the Trash


A newborn baby was discovered dumped in a hospital toilet like waste at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary situated in Wigan, and the mother Orsolya Anamaria Balogh, 27, from Romania confessed to committing this horrendous incident.

According to the Infirmary, Balogh had apparently spent a significant and suspicious amount of time in the bathroom but left just before a nurse had called for her around 10:20 in the evening.

The shocking discovery had been in finding the newborn baby with its umbilical cord freshly cut prior to the mother dumping it, with tissues shoved down its mouth which if found a few minutes later, would have suffocated without a sound and to no one’s knowledge.

An Unwanted Child

According to the hearing that had taken place at the Liverpool Crown Court a few days ago, Balogh’s partner had stated that she had apparently complained about extreme pain in her abdominal region to the emergency department at the hospital, and this had taken place on July 5th in 2016.

Afterwards hospital staff had revealed that Balogh disappeared and went to the toilet for some time until she had been eventually called for by a nurse in the evening.

A Horrendous Discovery

A cleaner working at the hospital was outraged and shocked upon the sighting of the newborn baby discovered thrown in as waste in the trash bin in the toilet.

The cleaner had stated that the weight of the trash bin was way too heavy for trash, which is when it had been revealed of the true contents of the trash bin.

The cleaner had found that the newborn baby was still in its fetal position, and oxygen had been immediately supplied to the abandoned child to assist in its lacking assistance and eventually the baby had recovered well.

Richard Pratt, the prosecutor to this case stated that despite all the unfortunate circumstances, the baby had nonetheless came out well, thanks to the medical services that rushed to its aid.