Accent fashioned family busted for selling more than 2.2 million oxycodone tablets of Upper East Side brownstone injections


The biggest physician in his office broke up on the Upper East Side Monday morning. He was in the company of DEA agents 68th Street Sanders before the start of his working day.

The Brooklyn Federal Prosecutor accused him of later writing thousands of recipes for highly addictive illnesses that patients would pay cash for each $ Scrip 500.
Prosecutors said in a criminal report that Dr. Tesher’s more than 14,000 recipes between 2012 and January 2017 were sold, most of them oxycodone strong.

That means 2.2 million tablets are put on the road

Outside the sandstones on Monday, some residents of East 68th Street said that they noticed PIX11 people who were not just in the neighborhood at the doctors’ office. They saw that they saw many people in the construction of boots and sunglasses.
“It would be strange people coming in the morning,” one woman said.

Dr Tesher knew the facts knew that some of his patients were addicted to oxycodone or heroin abuse, but still took the medicine to prescribe.
In one case, Tesher’s first visit to the patient was charged with prescribing 15 oxycodone tablets daily, without checking that the person actually had an injury.
Analgesics have influenced the epidemic of the national opioid overdose, which now kills more people annually than traffic accidents.

When states began to follow the prescription pain in 2011, some corrupt doctors discovered a way to make money quickly.
“DR. Tesher acted no different than the heroine ring of several million dollars and distributed more than $ 20 million opioid “director James Hunt New York DEA said.