AccuWeather brings its weather data to the blockchain by tapping a Chainlink node (LINK)

Weather data joins the blockchain

The world’s most widely used weather data provider, AccuWeather, now operates its own Chainlink Network (LINK) node.

AccuWeather offers a wide variety of programming interfaces (APIs), which accurately catalog a wealth of meteorological data across the globe: temperatures, wind speeds, precipitation, wind chill, tropical storm categories, and more.

Concretely, smart contracts powered by AccuWeather data could be exploited by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which could for example change depending on weather forecasts. Developers could also use these resources to create derivative products specific to changing weather conditions.

AccuWeather would also like its data to be able to be leveraged to develop new blockchain-based solutions in industries like insurance and supply chains.

“As one of the first entities producing weather data to join Chainlink, we are excited to expand our reach by bringing value to the emerging blockchain industry,” said Kurt Fulepp, AccuWeather’s Global Product Manager.

In its statement, AccuWeather says Chainlink is “the industry standard solution,” after the company reviewed several oracle solutions:

“Not only is Chainlink the solution most used by smart contract developers, but it already supports several weather applications running on blockchains, such as Arbol and Etherisc,” adds AccuWeather.

More and more large companies are now operating nodes in the Chainlink price oracle network. These include T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, or Kraken, the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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