Acrobatic Rock n’ Roll Receives $30 Million Investment


The Zhavoronki Acrobatic Rock n’ Roll Center will be based on the western edges of Moscow at a cost of 1.9 billion roubles, as indicated by state delicate reports accessible on the web, and will be supported by the city government.

It will be the main particular office on the planet for the game, as indicated by overseeing body the World Rock n’ Roll Confederation (WRRC). The cash being contributed midgets that spent on some other, greater, brandishes in Russia, for example, arrow based weaponry and biathlon. The complex is being worked for the Moscow City Khamovniki state games and move school, where Katerina Tikhonova – distinguished by Reuters a year ago as Putin’s most youthful little girl – was prepared in gymnastic shake n’ roll and for which she contended a few circumstances until 2014.

The 30-year-old is a top Russian aerobatic shake n’ move artist, a VP at the WRRC, furthermore a senior authority in the game’s national organization, leading its universal board of trustees and panel for Russian local improvement. Her previous move mentor heads the Khamovniki School. Reuters has no proof the Kremlin or Tikhonova had any impact over the Moscow city government’s choice to assemble the complex.

Tikhonova, the Moscow city sports division and the Russian Federation of Acrobatic Rock n’ Roll did not react to rehashed demands for input about Tikhonova’s part in the venture or its cost. Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said: “This subject does not have any connection to us.” The Moscow city development division said the complex was a piece of a more extensive program of state-subsidized games offices that were essential for the city.

“Moscow joins awesome significance to building sports offices. In the course of recent years in Moscow the quantity of new games offices being brought on-stream has viably multiplied,” the division said in an announcement sent to Reuters. Around 9,000 individuals effectively partake in aerobatic shake n’ come in Russia and coordinators plan to include another 3,000 individuals by 2020, as indicated by the national league.

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Dennis Spencer
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