Actress Valerie Fairman Dies at 23


On-screen character Valerie Fairman was discovered dead at 23 years old. The Chester County Coroner said that Fairman’s reason for death is under scrutiny. Yet, the previous reality star, who has a 7-year-old little girl named Nevaeh Lynn Fairman, has battled with substance manhandle for quite a long time, which was recorded on 16 and Pregnant. The coroner will direct toxicology tests to decide the correct reason for death.

Not long after the news broke, individual MTV reality stars and graduated class swung to online networking to send considerations and supplications to Fairman’s family. “How unbelievably tragic. My heart goes out to her little girl and family,” Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska tweeted.

Jenelle Evans tweeted, “Gracious my god. I just addressed her several months back and advised her I’m pleased with her and resembles she’s doing well…Don’t underestimate life. Hold your youngsters and adore them close.”

A representative for MTV likewise expressed, “We are disheartened by the news of Valerie Fairman’s passing. Our musings and petitions are with her family as of now.” Fairman has had different legitimate issues throughout the years, most prominently in 2015 when she was captured on charges of prostitution. At that point 21, Fairman was the most youthful of the eight ladies captured, the most seasoned being 54 at the time and the others all in their 30s. Police said that each was issued a criminal summons for a later court date.

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