afghanistan leader Propose a Security Plan – Taliban Strikes Back “nonsense”

Afghan Leaders – On Aug. 2, Al Jazeera reported that President Ashraf Ghani, the leader of Afghanistan. presented to parliament in the capital city of Kabul This is a security plan to challenge Taliban attacks, however, details have not been released publicly.

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President Ghani said The situation in the country will be controlled within 6 months and that the US government has pledged to fully support the plan. Despite blaming the US for its sudden decision to withdraw its troops as a cause of deterioration in Afghanistan’s security. (The United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO will withdraw all troops by Aug. 31), but protecting the people is their duty to continue.

Happening Now – President Ghani attends a joint meeting with members of the two houses of the parliament on the country’s situation. #Afghanistan

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The Afghan leader also urged both the House of Representatives and the Senate to support his security plan and encourage Afghans to support it.

The House of Representatives and the Afghan Senate also announced strong support for the republic, human rights, women’s rights and freedom of speech. and stand alongside the Afghan National Security Forces, who are “sacrificing their lives for the nation”.

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The Taliban forces issued a statement in response to the statement by the Ghanaian president. He added that “the Afghan leaders are trying to control their own evil minds and mistakes”.

β€œThe country decided to prosecute the traitors and bring them to justice. War declarations, accusations and misinformation Mr Ghani’s renewal cannot be renewed. His time had run out. by the will of God,” the statement said.

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As for fighting intensified between Taliban forces and Afghan national security forces in three provinces in the south and west of the country – Herat, Helmand and Kandahar, the Afghan military said: The security situation is at a critical stage.

in Kandahar province Overnight battles were reported. and the latest clashes in the city of Spin-Boldak that borders Pakistan. Afghan Army says At least 35 Taliban fighters have been killed, civilian data. Doctors from a hospital said 18 people were injured and three died, including a woman and a child. And that the number of civilian casualties is increasing.

Jalil Rezayee/EPA

part in Helmand Province Afghanistan’s defense ministry said The United States launched air strikes on the Taliban stronghold in Lashkar Gah, killing seven Taliban fighters, and said government forces had begun a crackdown in Herat, Herat province, pledged. will continue to fight until the Taliban troops disappeared from Herat. Afghanistan’s third largest city

In addition, in the eastern province of Nangarhar, there have been recent clashes. But the number of deaths did not match. The Taliban stated that Attacks and kills 10 soldiers and police, the Afghan government said. 14 Taliban fighters were killed, and only two security forces were killed in the line of duty.

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