Afghanistan: Residents of Lushker Gah are surrounded by fighting. After the Taliban invasion while foreigners withdraw troops

“The Taliban will not have mercy on us. And the government will not stop bombing.”

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Residents of Lushker Gah, southern Afghanistan It was one of the thousands of residents stranded in the area. or have to evacuate to survive As the battle for control over the city intensifies. between armed group members and government forces

The BBC did not name the interviewees in this article for security reasons.

“There are bodies in the streets, we don’t know if they are peoples’ bodies or those of the Taliban,” a man told the BBC’s Afghan-language section. In an interview via WhatsApp, “Dozens of families have had to evacuate their homes. and went to live near the Helmand River.”

Many fearful townspeople told the BBC that They saw many bodies lying in the streets.

The capture of the main city of the besieged province of Helmand. It will be an important symbol for armed group members that they have made progress in the invasion. After the foreigners withdrew their troops Helmand is the center of British and US military operations.

The United Nations and other agencies are warning that the humanitarian crisis will get worse. The United Nations said on Aug. 3 that at least 40 people in the town of Lashker Gah had died in the past day.

Afghan government forces Getty Images Afghan government forces are fighting the Taliban in three key cities.

The Afghan army has urged people to leave the town of Lushker Gah ahead of the Taliban invasion. which is an extremist Islamist group that has been led by US-led forces evicted 20 years ago

in another area in the south The Taliban are trying to capture Kandahar. old stronghold in the past And there have been more clashes in the western city of Herat.

The fighting in Lushker Gah has been ongoing for several days. It was reported that the militants had controlled most of the districts within the city.

“We are going through a difficult time,” a student in the city told the BBC. “The Taliban set fire to the ground and the government air force filled the skies.”

Another man said on Aug. 1: “Talibans may be seen on the streets of the city. The presence of the Taliban frightens people here.”

“All shops are closed. Government vehicles were abandoned and damaged on the road. The war took place a few meters from the Governor’s Office and National Security Command.”

“Recently The central government said They have sent a new batch of commandos to Lushker Gah, but we haven’t seen them yet.”

The Afghan government has reportedly sent hundreds of reinforcements to the city.

Afghanistan map graphic BBC

Over the weekend, Attollah Afghan, chairman of the Helmand provincial council, admitted that it appeared “we are out of control of the fighting”.

The Taliban have increased their offensive this week. despite being attacked by US fighter jets and the Afghan government

Reports from several sources indicate that Taliban warriors entered houses, shops and markets, people trapped in their homes. As there was a battle in the streets

Typically, members of armed groups warn people through loudspeakers to leave their homes. But sometimes they break into the house. Villagers only had a few minutes to evacuate. or risk being trapped in the firing range. because their homes will become part of the battlefield.

A student at the BBC’s Afghan department spoke with him, saying: “The Taliban told us that If we don’t leave the house in half an hour He will count us as part of the Afghan government forces or the police.”

During their rule in Afghanistan in the late 1990s, the Taliban slaughtered people and restricted women’s access to education and employment.

Taliban said that They have changed and will not use such violence any more. But many Afghans remain skeptical.

Human Rights Watch There is evidence that members of this militant group have attacked civilians in many instances of supporting the government.

The United Nations stated that Civilians are severely affected by this conflict. and urged all sides to protect the people more, otherwise the impact would become catastrophic.

Thousands of people who had escaped the battle are facing shortages of food, drinking water and medicine.

Civilians are bearing the brunt as fighting enters #Afghanistan’s cities. At least 10 civilians killed, 85 wounded in #Lashkagah & at least 5 killed, 42 wounded in #Kandahar in last 3 days alone. Thousands displaced. Likely many more. Population living in fear. 1/2

— UNAMA News (@UNAMAnews) August 3, 2021


Many aid agencies are unable to reach the vast majority of displaced people. and health centers and hospitals do not have the capacity to deal with injuries and deaths. Some hospitals were destroyed. while many others are no longer in use.

A doctor in Lushker Gah said more and more severely injured patients were admitted to his hospital. and he is afraid Other wounded may not arrive. He also stated that Medicines and supplies are dwindling.

Dr. Khan, an expert at the intensive care unit at the Hospital at Medical Without Borders. which is a charitable organization He told the BBC on Aug. 2: “We are receiving a lot of war casualties … there is a lot of fighting all around.”

Videos of the Taliban’s atrocities were sent on social media. This made people even more afraid of their return.

The United States and Britain said the Taliban had committed war crimes. and accused them of In retaliation, dozens of people were massacred in the town of Spin Baldak, adjacent to the Pakistani border.

There are also several reports that At least 40 Hazaras, a Shia Muslim minority. He was targeted and killed in Maliztan in the eastern province of Ghazni.

The Taliban stated that These allegations are metaphysical. and has posted gruesome images of civilians killed and wounded in US airstrikes. and the Afghan government

A picture of a damaged market in Lushker Gah on Monday (Aug 2). Reuters A picture of a damaged market in Lushker Gah on Monday (Aug 2).

The people trapped in the fighting area. almost no choice

“We have neither bread nor water in the house. And the electricity was cut off,” a local businessman in the town of Lushker Gah told the BBC.

“I don’t know where to go. There were clashes everywhere in the city.”

An Afghan interpreter living in Lushker Gah said our wife faced threats from the Taliban. because he worked for the British forces

“I have changed my address three times, the Taliban have taken over my house. and they are living there And they asked me,” he said.

“We don’t know what will happen in the future But they are going in and out of a lot of houses looking for people who work for NATO.”


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