Afghanistan: The Taliban have successfully captured Kunduz. It is the 4th capital city as the United States prepares to retreat.

The Taliban take over Kunduz. Afghanistan’s largest and most strategically important city It was the biggest success in the recent wave of government recaptures. As the United States prepares to withdraw all troops by Sept. 11

A local official told the BBC that The Taliban successfully captured the entire city. except for the airport The armed groups hoisted their flags in the center of town.

As the Taliban and government forces fight Buildings and shops were reported to have been set on fire.

Afghan security personnel fighting against the Taliban in the outskirsts of Kunduz city.  12 July 2021

Afghan officials say state forces are still in areas that are in the hands of the Taliban. And the battle continued.

How important is Kunduz?

Since Aug. 6, four regional capitals have been in the hands of the Taliban. But Kunduz is considered the most important city since the Taliban began its operations in May because it is seen as a gateway to the country’s northern provinces.

Kunduz is also an important strategic city because it has main links to major cities such as Kabul. country capital or another province bordering Tajikistan

The border is a gateway for the smuggling of opium and heroin from Afghanistan to Central Asia. before being transported to Europe Controlling Kunduz equals control of one of the region’s most important drug smuggling routes.

Kunduz is also of great symbolic importance. Having been a major Taliban stronghold since before 2001, the Taliban recaptured the city in 2015 and again in 2016, but was unable to hold the city for long.

This wave of violence has reached a critical stage. while the US Army And internationally began to withdraw after 20 years of service.

in the past few weeks They occupied a large area in the outer provinces. But it has begun to focus on the cities now, with fierce fighting in Herat province. which is adjacent to the Iranian border and in the southern cities of Lashker, Gah and Kandahar.

Thousands of civilians were displaced during the fighting this year. Many families have young and infant members. had to take refuge in a school in the northeastern city of Assadabad.

“There were several bombs in our village. The Taliban arrived and destroyed everything. We couldn’t do anything and had to leave the house, our children and we had to sleep on the floor. It’s in a very bad situation,” Gul Naz told AFP news agency.

“There was a shooting. One of my 7-year-old daughters walked out when the fight broke out and he disappeared. I don’t know if my son is alive or dead,” said another Afghan evacuated.

Who is the Taliban? corpses over the city Afghan government clash with the Taliban Villagers fall into battle Taliban revival in Afghanistan

A picture of a damaged market in Lushker Gah on Monday (Aug 2).

Reuters A picture of a damaged market in Lushker Gah on Monday (Aug 2).

U.S. launches more air strikes on Taliban bases But the Taliban said the US attack It destroyed two hospitals and a school in the town of Lushker Gah.

US Embassy In Afghanistan, it has condemned a new wave of attacks targeting Afghan cities. by saying that it is “Unacceptable” that armed groups try to seize power

“They show their intention to disregard the welfare and rights of civilians. and will make the humanitarian crisis in the country even worse.”

The Taliban announced yesterday that it had successfully captured the northern city of Chebergan. After Aug. 6, they captured Sarang. The provincial capital of Nimroz has been completed.

Afghan officials say state forces are still in the Taliban’s hands. And the battle continued.


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