Afghanistan: Villagers flee to Kabul After the Taliban invaded many major cities – news

Increasing violence in Afghanistan As the Taliban occupied new territories in the northern part of the country it grew. Recently, about 12 capital cities have been stretched, forcing thousands of people to evacuate from their homes to Kabul for safety.

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but upon arrival Many have lived in abandoned warehouses or slept on the side of the road. Find food to survive, find shelter, and essential supplies such as medicines and hygiene supplies.

girl walking away from camera Many humanitarian organizations have warned that women and children will be greatly affected.

These villagers felt that they had little choice. and had to face hardships in Kabul Because if you continue to risk staying at home, you may not survive.

Thousands are now gathered in makeshift camps in the forest outskirts of Kabul.

Asadullah Merchants in Kunduz Province He migrated to Kabul with his wife and two young daughters this week after the Taliban set fire to his home.

“I work on the roadside. Selling food and spices … when the Taliban invaded So we came to Kabul,” he told the BBC.

“Right now we don’t have money to buy bread. or find Yukya to heal the child.”

Asadullah BBC Asadullah Work selling food and spices on the streets of Kunduz province.Asadullah's two daughters BBC Asadullah Along with his wife and two daughters, they slept on the roadside after arriving in Kabul.

Asadullah and the family had to sleep on the side of the road at night

“All our homes and belongings were on fire. So we came into Kabul and prayed for God to help us. Rockets and artillery shells have landed on our home… There have been heavy skirmishes in the past seven days. We have no bread to eat, bakeries, shops and markets are closed.”

A woman who asked to remain anonymous told the BBC that She abandoned her home in Pulikumri. northern part of the country Along with her husband and children, she said her husband was injured in the battle.

“We have a good life. but because of the bomb we lost our house So we came here,” she said. “We left the house with one dress and no money.”

An anonymous woman who spoke to the BBC BBC The woman said her family had a good life in Pulikumri. But they lost everything now.

Many humanitarian aid organizations have warned that There will be more people internally displaced in Afghanistan. Since the US-led forces Started withdrawing from the country earlier this year. After 20 years of military operations in Afghanistan

Military operations by foreign forces began in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. Today, most foreign troops have withdrawn.

Since then, clashes have escalated between the Taliban and government forces. The Taliban has captured 10 of the 34 Afghan provincial capitals and has threatened to seize more.

The Washington Post reported, citing US officials. which many anonymous from the US assessment Even Kabul itself could fall into the Taliban’s control within the next 90 days.

The unrest has forced more people to leave their homes in the capital Kabul. About 270,000 more people will be displaced within the country. After the troops began to withdraw This number is expected to increase over the past few days.

The United Nations also stated that About 1,000 civilians have died.

Many people in Kabul BBCThousands of people camp in the woods on the outskirts of Kabul.

Many non-governmental organizations stated that Mass displacement will affect women and children especially.

“We are receiving further reports of the need for public health care. sexual violence sexual exploitation harassment and people smuggling,” said Jared Rowell, country director of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Afghanistan. told the BBC

“Marriage soon becomes more problematic as well. Because many girls and young women are sold for cash that will be used by the family. What is the problem? is going to get more serious.”

Rowell said the displaced needed food, shelter, sanitation and public health supplies. same as cash

“It’s very important for people to have cash to spend,” he said. “That means organizations like DRC will give them cash. So that they have the power to decide what money they need most for themselves.

“Especially during this time Cash is very important when they moved into a big city like Kabul The prices of food and goods in various markets are high because of the current instability.”

for Asadullah His main hope is One day to return to normal life in Kunduz with his family.

“We want to go back and live there,” he said. “We hope that one day there will be peace in Afghanistan. and our country will be free.”


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