Algerian singer Rabah Driassa is no longer

Algerian singer Rabah Driassa died on Friday at the age of 87, according to local media.

Born August 19, 1934 in Blida (50 km southwest of Algiers), Rabah Driassa launched his artistic career in 1953.

He was known until the 1980s with many local songs which remain masterpieces in the field, such as “Nedjma Qotbiya” (polar star), “Yahya wlad bladi”, “Hizia”, ​​”Mabrouk 3lina “,” El Goumri “,” El Aouama “and many others who marked the Algerian music of this time.

He created a new musical form reconciling genres as different as Alaloui and Saharan with rhythms and especially texts that touch on the social problems experienced by the Algerian people.

SL (with MAP)

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