Algerians in the diaspora demonstrate in Geneva against their country’s leaders

Several gatherings of Algerians from the diaspora were organized on the United Nations Square in Geneva, on the occasion of the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), to denounce the growing repression of peaceful protests in their country, arbitrary arrests, torture practices in prisons, and serious and widespread human rights violations.

On Saturday, a sit-in was organized in Bern by members of the Algerian diaspora in solidarity with the victims of the repression in Algeria.

Participants in these sit-ins chanted slogans denouncing the climate of terror and intimidation, as well as the campaigns of harassment and persecution targeting Hirak militants. They condemned the headlong rush of an authoritarian regime that tramples on international conventions for the protection of human rights, and called for the immediate and unconditional release of all those arbitrarily arrested or detained.

The various demonstrations organized both in Geneva and in Bern were the occasion for the participants to demand in particular the departure of the politico-military oligarchy in power and the end of “injustice and oppression”.

As part of this 48th session of the CDH, several organizations called on the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the extent of the repression and violations of civil and public liberties in Algeria.

They called on the High Commission to act in order to force the Algerian regime to put an end to torture and rape in the country’s prisons and security structures, and to arbitrary arrests in the ranks of the Hirak.

They notably denounced the serious deterioration of the situation in Algeria where several fundamental rights, such as the rights to freedom of opinion and peaceful assembly, “continue to be attacked”.

Determined to break the Hirak protest movement, the Algerian regime has banned these demonstrations and is stepping up legal proceedings against opponents, activists, journalists and academics.

Besides the UN, several reports from numerous regional and international organizations had repeatedly denounced the arbitrary arrests, abuses and mistreatment, including rape, in detention centers, the liberticidal and totalitarian practices of power, in addition to campaigns of disinformation, lies, and intimidation against children, women, the elderly, the disabled and all demonstrators who carry “the peaceful and legitimate demands of millions of Algerians”.

Reports mention facts and figures “which are cold in the back in view of the repression which is falling with impunity on the Algerian people”. They denounce “a situation of human rights crisis in Algeria, and their violation which has become systematic and with impunity”.


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