Alibaba’s sin reduced the length of the rape of a female employee Unfolding alcohol, taking advantage of the opportunity when drunk – news

Alibaba’s sin reduced the length of the rape of a female employee Unfolding, taking advantage of the opportunity when drunk

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Alibaba sins to reduce the rape of a female employee – August 9, the BBC reported that Alibaba, a giant business conglomerate in China. Fired a manager who was sued by a female employee for allegedly raping herself while sleeping in a hotel. while the other two supervisors, who ignored the incident, resigned

Daniel Zhang, executive vice president or CEO, said in the letter to employees. by an internal investigation of the company The manager admitted to pleading guilty. That actually caused the incident while the young employee was in a state of disgust from drunkenness in the hotel.

The letter states “Employees who committed such incidents will be laid off and the company will not be re-entered. For that fact, it will be the duty of the police” and that the company will be responsible for taking care of the victims. He insisted that he would do everything possible to protect this young employee.

Police in Jinan, Shandong Province, said they were investigating the case. Meanwhile, the eight-page victim’s testimony was published on Weibo. causing outrage on the Chinese online community

the victim said The manager tries to force him to travel with friends to Jinan to meet with customers. It is located about 900 kilometers from Hangzhou from Alibaba’s headquarters. They also ordered them to drink alcohol. The incident occurred since the evening of 27 July.

Later, I only remembered that this customer kissed him. Then he woke up in his hotel bedroom. by the naked body and can’t remember what happened last night

The victim said he had asked the hotel to view CCTV footage and found the manager had been in and out of his room four times that evening. Meanwhile, Alibaba said it did not agree with forcing its subordinates to drink alcoholic beverages.

After returning to the head office The victim brought the matter to the HR department. and senior adults Ready to ask the personnel department to dismiss the manager who caused the incident. At first, the personnel department agreed as requested. But the matter was silent. no progress

The Alibaba statement said that “the human process has not given enough attention and meticulousness to the feelings of our employees,” and that “even if it is a cause-and-effect basis, it is not a cause for concern.” but lacks meticulousness Including the emergency response team was not involved. This results in serious wrong decisions.”

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