Apologies issued by IndiGo for passenger altercation on tarmac


IndiGo, the biggest airline in India, has officially issued an apology officially to a passenger following the emergence of a video that showed him being accosted by staff.

The video was on Monday released and had footage of the passenger being rough handled by a staff, last month on the tarmac of the Delhi airport.

The release has provoked a massive response from the public on social media and has been aired on news channels locally.

An investigation was initiated by the government following the tagging of the incident as totally inexcusable.

It can be seen in the video, staff members of indigo pinning down a passenger roughly to the ground after an argument was sparked between them.

Rajiv Katiyal was identified as the male passenger involved in the altercation, in the footage, he yells and tries to fight back before being manned down by the airline employees.

The authenticity of the video could not be validated by BBC

Reports from the Media suggests that the passenger was later hauled to the Police Station after the situation and a threat was issued by IndiGo airline to file a complaint against the unruly passenger.

President of IndiGo airline apologizes for the incident

The owner of the private airline has said in a post on social media that the incident was uncalled for and ‘out of line.’

“Regardless of what could have transpired between them, our staff members were completely wrong and in fact out of line to manhandle the gentleman that way,” he said.

He further went on to emphasize how intolerable the behavior was and how stern actions are going to be employed towards them.