Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms he owns cryptocurrency

Tim Cook confirms he owns cryptocurrencies

Tim Cook confirmed his attraction to cryptocurrencies in an interview with The New York Times – a medium that is itself particularly crypto-friendly. Responding to the reporter who asks him if he owns cryptos, the CEO of Apple confirms:

β€œYes, I have some. I think it’s reasonable to hold some within a diversified portfolio. “

Cautious, Tim Cook is careful not to say what cryptocurrency he holds exactly, and hastens to clarify that this is not investment advice. The interest of the boss of Apple for crypto-assets does not seem recent in any case:

β€œI’ve been interested in it for some time. I have done my research, I think this is an interesting area. “

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A change for Apple?

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has shown an overwhelming enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. For his part, Tim Cook had hitherto distinguished himself by a certain reluctance. Two years ago, Apple’s CEO confirmed that the company would not be releasing cryptocurrencies. He also saw currencies as the responsibility of governments.

In addition, Apple has always been seen as quite hostile to the cryptocurrency industry. On the App Store, crypto applications have often been banned. But since then, water has flowed under the bridges, and the crypto industry has groomed its reputation.

So much so that Apple was looking for a cryptocurrency expert this summer to create alternative payment systems. The communication of the company being as usual very locked, we do not yet know what it will give.

Still, the admission of Tim Cook is far from trivial: it shows that on the side of the Tech giant too, we are thawing. The arrival of Apple in the sector would in any case be a small revolution.

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