Are terrorists planning to target US election?


America already remains on high alert over the threat of a terrorist attack. And now, federal officials are warning that al Qaeda extremists could launch an assault on the US on election day.
Agencies are believed to have issued warnings to authorities in the states of New York City, Texas and Virginia.
They believe that extra vigilance is needed because the militant group could launch an attack on, or around, Election Day on November 8.
According to a source within the US government, some agencies have sent written warnings to local and state officials to ask them to be on their guard, although they believe that the threat would not be of a high level.
Bodies given the warning include the New York City Police Department and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
A spokesman for the Port Authority, which is responsible for airports, tunnels and bridges around New York said it already had high levels of patrol activity going on and this would continue as America prepares to vote.
The threat is understood to be non-specific and officials are still assessing just how serious it is.
Al Qaeda was responsible for the deadly Twin Towers attack of 9/11.
It is believed that any attack timed around the day when America exercises its right to democracy could be in retaliation for action being carried out by the US in Afghanistan.
US military has targeted senior al Qaeda leaders in strikes in Afghanistan in recent weeks.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said while he and his team are monitoring the situation, the Texan people should not let it affect their daily lives.
He did, however, urge Texans to “remain vigilant over the next several days and report any suspicious activity”.
The Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe issued a statement to say that everything possible was being done to keep Virginians safe. A spokesman continued: “We’re confident they are going to be able to vote safely on Election Day.”
Details of the potential threat were revealed by an official within New York law enforcement. While the type of threat is not uncommon, authorities are taking it seriously because of the timing.
There are concerns that some voters may be put off going to ballot boxes for fear of a potential assault.
The FBI has not confirmed or denied reports of a threat.

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