Argentinian Golfer Roberto De Vicenzo Dies At 94


Argentinian golfer Roberto de Vicenzo, the former champion of  “The Open” has died at 94.

His Death

On Thursday, Roberto de Vicenzo, the Argentinian golfer and former winner of the Open championship, has died at the age of 94. This was confirmed by the Argentine Gold Association’s former exec. director, Mark Lawrie. The cause of his death has not yet been released.

De Vicenzo’s Career

De Vicenzo was most widely known for winning the Open Championship in 1967 by getting two shots more than his rival Jack Nicklaus. He also had over 230 victories worldwide over a span of five decades. He also played for Argentina at the World Cup of Gold 17 times.

However, he is also well known for the “biggest gaffe” in the history of major championships. At the 1968 Masters, he signed for scoring a par for the 17th hole when he had actually scored a birdie. This caused his opponent Bob Goalby to win by one shot.

“I play gold all over the world for 30 years, and now all I can think of is what a stupid I am to be wrong in this wonderful tournament,” De Vicenzo had said.

“That was just Roberto,” Jack Nicklaus said. “I think he always dwelled on the fact that he screwed up. He had the Masters in his hand.” He was referring to the Memorial Tournament when he said De Vicenzo talked to him about his gaffe.

“Everyone remembers him for a mistake,” Emiliano Grillo said, “not for what he did at the open, when he won. But he marked the way for most of the guys [from Argentina]. He marked the way for me. He opened the door to Europe and over here. He was one the icons.”

In 1970 De Vicenzo was awarded the Bob Jones Award and in 1989 was elected for the Hall of Fame.