Ariana Grande’s Mother Show Support And Offers Help To Manchester’s Victims


Joan Grande, Ariana Grande‘s mother, is addressing “evil” responding to the deadly blast that stroke Manchester after her pop star daughter;s concert last week.

Mrs Grande took to Twitter to join her daughter in offering help to those who are injured and who survived the attack, along with families and friends of the victims who lost their lives in the blast.

I stand with you all in the face of evil

“This past week I have spent in reflective thought, prayer & deep sorrow,” Joan Grande tweeted Monday afternoon. “I join my daughter in extending my help & services to all those affected by the diabolical act of terror which occurred in Manchester!”

“My heart goes out to all the victims,” Joan continued. “Those who lost their lives, those injured, those recovering & all survivors of that night, along with the families & friends whose grief knows no bounds. I stand with you all in the face of evil & we stand together to never let it rule our lives!


Mrs Granda accompanied Ariana during the concert night when 22-year-old Salman Abedi conducted the bomber attack, leaving more than one hundred casualties: 22 were killed and more than 100 were injured. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Thank you to all those who helped in any way that night in Manchester,” Joan wrote in her Monday tweet.

“I continually thank those who are & were in service protecting our freedoms every day all over the world! #MemorialDay”

Ariana took to Twitter to express her sadness as she felt “broken”.

On Friday, she announced she would go back to Manchester to conduct a benefit concert to help the victims. Moreover, the rest of the concerts were cancelled or delayed till they Ariana and her team feel that they can work again, but they have to stop now to at least pay tribute to the victims who lost their lives.

“There is nothing I or anyone can do to take away the pain you are feeling or to make this better,” Ariana wrote. “However, I extend my hand and heart and everything I possibly can give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way.”