Arianna Huffington: SoftBank and Uber are very likely to agree on the cost of their work next week


SoftBank and OverBund are supposed to agree on the deal price next week, which SoftBank pioneers to reach the top of the company.

Recode announced tonight that the deal was imminent;
Huffington, speaking at the D.Live conference at the Wall Street Journal at Lagla Beach, declined to reveal the prize, although Uber is expected to be about $ 50 billion. However, some present shareholders will probably require a larger share price if they sell the last round of private equity investor financing worth $ 68 billion.

SoftBank aims to buy at least 14% of the company

The committee has started a sales process that will only be successful if there are enough sellers interested in separating their share. Sales are also linked to a number of management reforms that have been replaced to replace some of the former Uber’s owners, particularly Uber-CEO Travis Kalanick.

Huffington, who came to duty as unconditional advocate Kalanick last year, described the excitement of the company as “crazy.” She noticed that she was a great fan of Kalanick’s replacement, the ex-chief of Expedia’s Dare Khosrowshahi, compared to the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

But Huffington also admitted that Uber suffered because of Kalanick’s mistakes, which mainly concerned the company’s culture.

“I cannot ignore what happened in the last few months,” he said, noting that the company’s competitors used the “advantages of exaggeration”. “I think the issue here was the praise at the altar of hyper-growth, which means you lose what is in culture.”

Huffington, who faces the problems of sexual harassment that has upheld politics, Uber, Tech, and now Hollywood, has also gained access to their health and wellness business, Thrive.

“There are more sexist behaviours when people are burning,” he said, though it was unclear whether he thought he would bring people to behave badly.