Armed pirates released Panama-flagged oil tankers hijacked in the Gulf of Oman

Armed Pirates Released – On August 4, AFP reported progress on the case of armed groups hijacking the Panama-flagged merchant ship Asphalt Princess. Asphalt and bitumen trucks in the Gulf of Oman, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operation (UKTMO) said the ship was safe. after the armed group released and the ship headed for the coast of Oman. “The crew has left the ship, the ship is safe, the incident is over,” UKTMO tweeted.

Although it is unclear whether Whose event was this? But analysts say The suspects are likely Iranian forces. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard denies the allegations as a pretext for hostile action against the Iranian government.

Armed pirates released


Earlier, shipping industry intelligence website Lloyd List reported that armed groups boarded the ship and ordered the captain to sail to Iran. The British and US fleets closely monitored the situation.

And on Tuesday August 3, UKTMO updated the suspected incident report aboard the ship. which is far from the UAE city of Fujairah 96 kilometers east and heading for the Strait of Hormuz as “could be hijacked”.

Richard Mead, Lloyd List editor, told The Times that armed forces had boarded the ship. Which sent the latest coordinates around 17.00 London time and is heading to Iran

MT Mercer Street oil tanker/AFP

The incident on the Asphalt Princess ship came days after the Japanese-owned MT Mercer Street tanker. flag of Liberia and is managed by Mr. Eyal Ofer, an Israeli billionaire. which is heading to the UAE but was attacked by a bomb On Thursday, July 29, two crew members were killed, both British and Romanian.

The United States and its allies have accused Iran of using bombing drones. But Iran has denied involvement.

Iranian Foreign Minister Saeed Khatibzadeh said that many incidents have been reported in the Persian Gulf and the region. extremely suspicious and that Iran is ready to provide assistance in the event of a maritime accident. It reinforces Iran’s commitment to regional stability and maritime security.

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