Assou Ekoto Wants To Be A Pornstar – Harry Redknapp


Former Tottenham Hotspurs boss, Harry Redknapp, has dismissed any chances of him resigning left back Assou-Ekoto because he feels the player wants to pursue a career in porn instead.

Harry Redknapp who is now the coach of Birmingham City made the statement when he was asked if he would like to resign the player as he did when he went to Queens Park Rangers.

Assou-Ekoto who now plays for French League side, Metz, has linked to a move to an English club but it might not be under Harry Redknapp as the latter as denied ever making a move for the Cameroonian-born defender because he believes the player is distracted by other things asides from football.

“Benoit was mad and I’m also mad too, Redknapp said in a podcast for Spurs.

“I received a call and this is the truth. I accepted the Birmingham job and a call came from a guy. He said; Hello Harry, I have a great player that you would love, I said okay? He once played for you. Yes? He is Assou-Ekoto. So I started thinking, maybe I can get the best out of him once again”

“But the major problem here is that he said he would love to be a porn actor. So I think all I can get from him, is probably a year before he takes up that career full-time.”

“He is a great player and I could eventually move for him because he would do well here in Birmingham city”.

Benoit Assou-Ekoto has never hidden his desire to live life outside football and even stated repeatedly that he doesn’t watch games when he is at home because it is boring to him. But this has not stopped him from getting the job done and he has done that effectively for all the club that he has represented till date.