Author of Trump’s ‘Dirty Dossier’ Goes on the Run


The ex- MI6 spy that is thought to have penned Trump’s ‘dirty dossier’ has gone into hiding.

Christopher Steele, an ex – MI6 officer and consultant to the FBI has fled his £1.5 million Surrey home in fear of his life.

Russia’s London embassy has also put out a tweet stating, “Christopher Steele story: MI6 officers are never ex: briefing both ways – against Russia and US President”

A spokesman for the Russian embassy said, “We have obvious questions.  We don’t raise them with HM Government given the frozen state of our official relationship. The tweet reflects the mood in Russia and speaks for itself.”

Steele, 52, is a father of three and a widower and it is suspected he has gone abroad.  He was recruited by MI6 when he was President of the Cambridge Union debating society in 1986, and was spying on the Soviet Union in Moscow during the collapse of communism.  His counterpart at the Oxford Union was Boris Johnson.  It is likely the two knew each other.

In the book Arena of Ambitions, by Stephen Parkinson, which is a history of the Cambridge Union it describes Steele as a “confirmed socialist from Girton who was later President himself – and subsequently joined the Foreign Office.”

He also worked with the FBI to bring down Fifa’s Sepp Blatter, where he made £1m working in a consultant capacity.  He runs Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd which according to company accounts made £400,000 profit in 2015, and £621,000 in 2016.  Most of its profits are believed to have come from work with the FBI.

He served MI6 for twenty years in Moscow and had a brief stint at Paris Station.  It is believed he worked with murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

It is believed that Steele was employed by enemies of Trump to dig for ‘dirt’ in Russia.  His current whereabouts is unknown.

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