award-winning media for … a plagiarized report

Each year, Algeria celebrates International Press Day, during which, for 7 years, a “President of the Republic” award has been awarded to the most “deserving” media. It turns out, however, that last month, for this year’s award, it was an unknown media that was awarded, and for a plagiarized report.

Indeed, the columnist at Franceinter Anthony Bellanger notes that the 2nd prize of this edition was won by the media IallaTv, which nobody knew until then. After an investigation by journalists, it turned out that this news site only existed since October 6, a fortnight before the award was made.

And it’s not over yet, because while browsing this brand new news site, journalists found that it only produced one story: the award-winning one. The icing on the cake: this is not only a plagiarized report, but hacked.

The report was produced by a TV channel, El Djazairia One, closed by the Algerian state on June 21. The logos have been changed, some graphics changed, and presto! It’s gone for a price. The organization and the prize jury saw nothing but fire.


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