Baby Delivered by State Trooper on Christmas Eve


Trooper First Class Greg Capps conveyed an infant on Saturday morning after an anticipating that mother was not able should make it to the doctor’s facility. Capps said he sitting in his watch auto in the wake of reacting to a crisis, when he got a call from dispatch that a lady in a minivan that had quite recently passed his watch auto was starting to give birth.

“I pulled up and the person was so upset,” Capps said. “It was pouring, so I escaped the auto and the child was delegated.” Capps, who is an EMT, kept running back to his auto for gloves and afterward talked the lady through the birth.

“She pushed and the infant delegated out,” he said. “The rope was wrapped around his neck, however free so I could get it slack and one shoulder and he shot out after that.” A rescue vehicle arrived soon after the birth and they braced the child’s rope and got the mother Itohan Oyabure-Okafur into the emergency vehicle. Capps said the child started breathing all alone and is doing great at the clinic.

St. Francis representative Fiona Phelan told the Hartford Courant that Oyabure-Okafur named the child kid Ebenezer Okafur. He’s 6-pound, 2-ounces, as indicated by the Courant. Capps said Ebenezer is Oyabure-Okafur’s second kid and wasn’t expected until the 29th, which strangely is his center child’s birthday.

“I coincidentally was there,” he said. “In the event that I wasn’t near to those two would have conveyed the infant all alone.” Connecticut State Police tweeted about the episode soon after it happened. “Santa….we mean Troopers make early conveyance! Troopers convey child kid Rte. 2 wb x7. All are glad and sound. Congratulations to the unexperienced parents,” the tweet said.

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